We’ve Got A Bigger Problem Now

Publisher: Weinspach, 2020
Pages: 16
Size: 20 × 15 cm
Printing process: Risograph
Price: €10.00 / Sold Out

Edition of 50, numbered
Edition 1–10 feature the patch Ye Olde Guest Curator, 2020

Thin skinned audiences

Publisher: Weinspach, Cologne 2019
Pages: 32  
Size: 15.8 × 21.5 cm
Printing process: Offset
ISBN: 978-3-9819124-5-6
Prize: €12.00

‘Thin skinned audiences’ shows new works by Cologne-based artist René Kemp, a series of gouaches appropriating and morphing the original logo of the 1960s record label 'International Artists' and a series of sculptures attaching cut-out adhesive stickers of goggling eyes on used drumskins. The book juxtaposes the works with quotes from collected various artists’ interviews (Gillick, Hammons, Kelley, Oehlen, Pettibon et al.) into a self-reflecting, critical narrative on today's climate of discourse in contemporary art.

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