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Publisher: Ab-Anbar Gallery, 2015
Language: Farsi / English
Binding: Softcover
Design: Amin Matinfar, StudioKargah and Aria Kasaei
Price: € 25,00

Published in conjunction with the exhibition Selected Works: Raha Raissnia, at Ab-Anbar Gallery, Tehran, December 4–31, 2015.

Selected Works: Raha Raissnia is an exhibition of Raha’s dense, explorations of light which manifest as works on paper, paintings and film installations. Described as a "night-painter," one that Milton Cruz describes as having a habit of “starting from the other side of things,” theses works emerge from stillness, silence and darkness whilst operating at the fleeting moment of being half-awake, as light flutters between the hallucinatory that is difficult to wrap around consciousness.

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